Sunday School

St Lawrence’s Sunday school

is open to children from three to sixteen. Happy Children It provides an opportunity for them to be introduced into Church life and what it means to be a Christian. It starts every Sunday at 10.15am, at the same time as the Church’s family service, apart from the second Sunday of the month: Parade Sunday, when the children attend the service in the Church.

Normal activities for the Sunday School consist of an opening prayer, followed by a Bible story.  The children also spend time on creative projects: making something; painting or perhaps writing a letter to the Church’s sponsored children.  The children contribute to the Church’s open weeks, making displays to go in the Church. For example, they made an Easter collage, which can still be seen in Church.

The children that attend Sunday School are very much a part of Church life.  They regularly participate in the Church services, such as putting on a nativity at Christmas or helping with the prayers.  Recently, all children aged seven and above were admitted to communion.

All the Sunday School teachers are CRB checked.

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